Windi Baby - gas and colic soution
Windi Baby relief valve - gas and colic relief
Windi - gas and colic soution made in Sweden

About Windi® gas and colic relief


Many parents experience that their baby has gas-related problems or colic during the first couple of months after birth. It is natural for gas to form inside everyone, both adults and children. However, during the first couple of months of the baby, gas may cause problems or colic as small children find it difficult to get rid of the gas themselves. The result is a bloated stomach which is tense and hurts. A common cause of the problem is an immature digestive system which has not yet developed the correct rhythm, as well as the inability to coordinate their sphincter muscle properly and release gas on their own. 

Immediate gas relief

By using Windi® you can relieve your baby’s discomfort in an easy and natural manner. The treatment takes a few minutes and the child will feel the results immediately. As soon as the Windi valve is inserted and the sphincter is opened, any trapped gas will freely flow out. If you do not experience any immediate relief by using Windi®, try massaging the baby’s stomach for a while and repeat the treatment.

Treat your baby with Windi® when necessary, but no more than three times per day. The children who experience gas problems tend to suffer from this until the age of 3-4 months, but this can vary and children may also have discomfort for a long period of time. Windi is safe to use for newborns and up until the baby stop having gas problems.

Safe and effective gas and colic relief

Windi® was originally developed by Astra Tech AB in Mölndal, Sweden. The method of using a rectal catheter, or a relief valve, for relieving gas problems has been used for a long time and has been thoroughly tested within health care, both for infants and adults. Windi® is the first relief valve for gas and colic which has been designed for parents to be able to assist their babies at home in a safe manner.


Windi® was developed with the baby’s anatomy and safety in mind, and does not contain any loose parts. The valve itself is long enough to reach past the sphincter which prevents release of the gas, but is designed with a stopper to prevent insertion from going too far and thereby risking to cause discomfort or injury to the baby. The valve is made of a soft and pliable material and has a rounded tip to prevent discomfort for the baby.

Windi® is completely free from hazardous substances and chemicals such as BPA and PVC.

Windi® is registered as a medical device class 1 with the Swedish Medical Agency and with the FDA in USA.