Windi® the relief valve

Many parents experience that their baby has gas-related problems during the first couple of months after birth.

The relief valve Windi® is a natural solution to help babies relieve gas. It works instantly and does not require ingestion of any drops or medication.

By using Windi® you can relieve your baby's discomfort in an easy and natural manner by assisting them in letting air out past their sphincter. 

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NoseFrida® nasal aspirator

Does your baby or toddler have a blocked nose?
NoseFrida® gets your baby breathing, sleeping and eating again!
The NoseFrida® Nasal Aspirator is a safe, hygienic and effective way to clear your baby’s nose. Clinical tests show that using NoseFrida® results in less nasal congestion, better sleep and an improved appetite. NoseFrida® is effective enough to reduce the need of nasal drops. 

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